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Mike Löpke

I started windsurfing at age of 10 years on some small lakes far away from the coast. I began competing only one year later and found me on the water next to best German windsurfers almost every weekend. Later on my passion for freestyle grew and so I decided to quit formula windsurfing and slalom to concetrate more on wave sailing and freestyle.

Now I am as often as possible on the water to learn the latest moves and to improve my skills more and more.

When I am not on the water or chilling at some beach, I am working in the R&D Department of the SMS Group GmbH as mathematician.

I am supported by

Special thanks for the long time of support to my familiy and the following companies:


I'am very glad that I finally made my way to the manufacturer of the best and most innovative sails in the world

JP Australia

Equiping these awesome boards and joining the team of JP Australia was the best I could personally do to improve my skills


It is always a pleasure to wear the very well designed wetsuits. The harnesses feel so comfortable, although they give ou the stability in the back you need


Latest news

Find out what happened to me and my family


    Finally something new on this page. I finally finished the short edit of a windy weekend in March.

    Time is flying and almost no wind in the last couple of months. So the set of usable clips did not grow further and I decided to release it as it is. I hope you enjoy.

    At the end of June the next trip to Fuerte is planed. I hope for epic lagoon sessions.


    Two weeks ago we returned from an amazing trip to cape town. First time as familiy of three.

    This year cape town was perfect. Always nice weather and almost every day wind. Check the new pictures I added to the gallery.


    I managed to finish a new video clip out of the spare footage I got. Anyway big thanks to Mark Reichelt for this.

    Soon heading to Brouwersdam for some holidays and I hope for some freestyle action aswell.

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Brouwersdam Spring 2017 clip
Cape Town Pics - 02/2017
Brouwersdam Pics - 04/2016
Brouwersdam Autumn 2015
Fuerte June 2015 clip
Fuerte July 2016 clip